Flexible Warehouse Solutions

Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment Services

Suddath® provides flexible warehousing and distribution center solutions that do not require the expensive long-term commitments and volume guarantees of other large providers. As the most flexible provider in the industry, we work with you to scale our services to meet seasonal fluctuations and drastic shifts in demand without adding unnecessary long-term fixed costs. From basic warehousing and distribution in one location to complex ecommerce and omnichannel solutions in multiple markets, Suddath has the scalability to strengthen your supply chain.

Because we own our primary commercial warehouse locations, we directly control the quality process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and your key performance targets, while saving you 30% to 40% on costs versus non-asset-based providers and brokers who add an unnecessary layer of markups.

Real-Time Visibility

Integrate directly with Suddath and track your products throughout their journey with our innovative tier-1 warehouse management system, Körber. Our technology gives you full visibility to view and manage your inventory in real-time through a user-friendly portal, saving you time and resources while giving you unmatched agility and adaptability to quickly respond to market needs with solutions for every level of complexity and volume.

Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment Services

Our comprehensive menu of services includes:

  • Commercial warehousing, storage and distribution
  • Ecommerce and omnichannel support
  • Pick, pack and ship order fulfillment
  • Custom labeling, kitting and packaging
  • Manufacturing support, assembly, postponement and product adjustments
  • Replenishment support, reverse logistics, product inspection, and testing services
  • Temperature controlled, food-grade certified and medical-compliant storage


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