ISO 9001 Certification Gives Suddath International Elite Status

ISO 9001 certification gives Suddath International elite status

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Sept. 01, 2014) – Suddath® takes quality management seriously, as evidenced by our international division’s certification of compliance with the most recent edition of the widely respected ISO 9001 family of quality management standards. This certification serves as a testament to our focus on providing quality services to achieve customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 is a family of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization, a worldwide collective of national standards organizations. ISO 9001 standards are generic in that they are structured to apply to organizations in countless fields across the globe. At Suddath, we use these standards to define and refine processes that optimize quality management to enhance all facets of the customer experience. In fact, every year, ISO auditors verify that we are consistently evaluating our processes and performance to maintain and improve the highest quality standards.

In order to achieve ISO 9001 certification, an organization must submit to both internal and external auditing procedures. These audits verify the functionality of the organization’s ISO 9001 implementation. The internal audits are conducted by Suddath team members, while the external audits are performed by the certification body. The auditing process is rigorous and thorough. The auditors interview staff members in order to ensure that we understand our part in complying with ISO 9001. Auditors also examine the organization’s quality management paperwork to ensure compliance.

To and from anywhere on the globe, Suddath has the moving and storage solution. We handle more than 75,000 relocations each year for residential customers, businesses and the United States government and military. Multinational organizations are faced with the challenge of maintaining their stringent quality standards with a diverse geographic footprint. We use ISO 9001 quality management standards to ensure consistency in providing superior services around the world.

Suddath invests in quality management to maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Our first priority is our customers, and we are committed to providing an excellent moving experience. The ISO certification process allows us to fine tune our quality management processes in order to further this goal. Improved quality management processes means improvement in each step of the moving, logistics and transportation processes. From estimating to packing, hauling and delivery, ISO certification allows Suddath International customers to rest assured that they will consistently receive the highest quality services every step of the way.