Suddath Global Logistics is 365 Days Injury-Free

safety forklift lights

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Oct. 1, 2018) – Today marks one full year with zero lost workdays due to injuries across the Suddath Global Logistics division, a major milestone for any business. Suddath® — a leading global transportation, relocation and logistics company — employs 213 associates in its Global Logistics division, located in distribution centers and offices across the U.S. Combined, these employees have clocked over 603,516 consecutive injury-free labor hours.
“This accomplishment is a testament to how serious our commitment is to safety at every level, and I commend the Global Logistics team at Suddath for their commitment to excellence,” said president and CEO of The Suddath Companies, Michael Brannigan. “The most important part of our safety program is our employees. This milestone is a springboard for us to propel forward with the value of our safety culture, striving for perfection—nothing less.”
“Our ultimate responsibility is to send everyone home each day in the same condition that they came to us,” added Scott Perry, president of Suddath Global Logistics. “We have a responsibility to perform each job function safely and take every precaution. We want safe, well and thriving employees because they provide the safest, most efficient and creative service solutions to our clients. Congratulations to our team. This milestone is a great achievement and only the beginning of our safety journey.”