The Suddath Companies Wins Prestigious Technology Award

the Suddath Companies wins Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2017 BizTech award

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Oct. 01, 2017) – The Suddath Companies won the Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2017 “BizTech” award, recognizing business innovation and companies committed to advanced technology.

The award comes after the development of TelescioSM, a new tracking platform created in-house by the Suddath® Technology team in collaboration with Feature[23]. Currently in the relocation industry, tracking inventory during a move is usually completed on paper to keep track of items from point A to point B and stored in digital databases or documents. Suddath saw the need to modernize relocation inventory management and create a more innovative approach. 

“At Suddath, we are always reimagining how the world moves. We live in a digital world, but much of the relocation is behind the digital curve. In recognizing the need for modernization, we explored options, but none of them fit like a glove for our industry needs. My developers buckled down, created a basic structure, and then found a willing partner to finalize Telescio, our very own new technology platform. We believe this will modernize, digitize and accelerate the relocation industry supply chain,” said Len O’Neil, Chief Information Officer of The Suddath Companies.

Suddath heard a common frustration that the relocation industry manages things today the same way as fifty years ago. One office move might involve relocating business property worth millions of dollars and yet many in the industry do commercial moves without basic inventory and proof of delivery or rely on a time-consuming process. Suddath accepted the challenge to set the innovation curve for our industry and we are now several years into digitally streamlining the customer experience. 

“Innovation is one of our core values at The Suddath companies. Not only is yesterday’s approach inefficient, but it is very risky. Our technology team, at the request of our business lines, developed proprietary technology to bring security, control and accountability to the relocation process. We are thankful for the partners we have in our technology team and look forward to seeing more in the future,” said Mark Scullion, President of Suddath Workplace Solutions at the Suddath Companies.