Extreme Port Congestion May Cause Shipment Delays and Surcharges

port congestion may cause shipment delays and surcharges

Port congestion has reached such extreme levels in both Los Angeles and Long Beach that there may be intervention from the highest levels of federal government needed to stem the crisis. Recent reports indicate The White House had a briefing on the severity of the situation and Pacific NW congressional representatives are acutely aware of the potential issues facing the West Coast and ready to act.

This extreme congestion stems from several factors including the holiday seasonal surge of cargo, potential and actual strikes, container ship sizes, as well as a continued, acute chassis shortage. These have all combined to create a perfect storm of congestion, the worst in a decade, which will most likely result in moderate to substantial fees at major ports across the country.

Suddath® has a wealth of experience in the international and domestic transportation of goods, diminishing opportunities for delay, and allowing us to meet these challenges on behalf of our customers and agent partners. As possible delays and surcharges occur, we will continue to keep you informed of any major events shaping the shipment of goods into and out of the U.S.

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