Suddath License Achievement

warehouse quality

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Jul. 17, 2018) – As the industry battles capacity imbalances worldwide, Global Logistics takes pride in its continued high levels of customer service, investment in our employee’s professional development and overall corporate achievements. Suddath® is proud to announce that the Global Logistics Director of Risk Management has recently obtained the Hazardous Materials Instructor certification.

“We are very proud of teams’ continuing education programs to help us always strive to exceed industry standards,” said Scott Perry, President of Global Logistics, “From a transportation standpoint this accreditation is a very unique accomplishment and a testament to our dedication to safety and excellence.

Suddath now also has the capability to facilitate in-house employee training on how to comply with domestic ground HazMat Regulations including: emergency response, security plans, maintenance of packages, carriage by rail, aircraft, vessel, highway and tank cars; to help us expand our robust quality initiatives. If you have upcoming projects involving hazardous materials be sure to contact us.