Operations During Coronavirus Outbreak: Update

Following the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, Suddath® wants to update our clients and partners to keep you informed about potential impacts on your service.

Chinese authorities have extended the Chinese New Year holidays until February 3rd and for some locations, February 10th. This extension will affect all government bureaus, as well as state-owned and privately-owned businesses. It will also have an impact on customs and port operations, causing potential closures or delays, which in turn could impact our customers’ shipments.

We have identified shipments that may be impacted and will be communicating directly with our clients on identified concerns with timing and/or cost impacts.

Suddath will continue to monitor this fluid situation very closely and update our clients and partners of any disruptions to the supply chain as the situation develops.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please reach out directly to your account manager, or email communications@suddath.com.