Update on Hurricane Harvey

Emergency response team in Houston filling up generators

Clients, partners and friends,

While the situation in Houston remains dynamic and unresolved, we are pleased to report that as of today, all of our employees and their families are safe and sheltered as Houston and the surrounding areas remain under threat of severe flooding.

We are constantly monitoring weather conditions and our ability to perform services in a safe manner.

In anticipation of tropical storm conditions, rainfall and uncertainty around flooding, our Houston operations will be closed today (Monday, August 28th) through Wednesday (August 30th). However, all calls are being forwarded to alternate branch locations for our customers and agent inquiries.

Our offices in Dallas are open and fully functional.

We are in the process of assessing our facilities and will update on business continuity and status as soon as it is available.

As of this time we understand that:

  • Our emergency response team arrived at the Houston branch office at 6:00 pm on Sunday with a trailer of supplies, generators, water, tarps, and items needed to secure the facility and assist our employees

  • Our Dallas branch will be providing assistance as we determine the specific needs of our Houston family of employees and customers

  • Our LDD team in Jacksonville will continue to field calls from our van operators for our operations around the country.

Thank you for your texts, calls and emails of concern over the weekend. We will provide updates as conditions change.