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Environmental Sustainability

Suddath® takes a proactive approach to promoting eco-friendly practices throughout our organization. We continue to implement green initiatives into our practices and are proud to say that we are making a difference by focusing on the environmental impact of our business. Our current initiatives include:

Energy Efficient Corporate Headquarters

Suddath has made carbon footprint reduction at our corporate headquarters a priority.  We have reduced our energy consumption through the installation of an energy management system and other refurbishment initiatives for our building. One year after implementation, our electricity usage was reduced by more than 650,000 kilowatt hours.

Internal Green Awareness Plan

The initiation of a green awareness plan within our offices has educated our employees on ways they can continue to lower our use of energy. We encourage employees to turn off lights, computers and printers and to use the recycling bins located at every desk. We no longer use disposable cups, mugs or dishes, instead providing reusable items to our employees.

Paperless Systems

Suddath was a pioneer in our industry for introducing paperless systems into our daily operations. These systems provide a green alternative to traditional methods and increase efficiency while reducing the use of paper. We offer completely paperless invoicing and reporting for our clients, cut down on the amount of paperwork required during a move, use much less paper for data storage and even reduce the amount of paper used for internal communications.

Sustainable Packing Materials

Suddath carefully selects manufacturers and suppliers who can provide eco-conscious materials such as packing paper and floor/doorway protection made from recycled elements. We place great emphasis on obtaining suppliers who provide green products, from recycled moving materials to reusable packing containers and crates.

Energy Efficient Trucks and Vehicles

A significant number of Suddath van operators use on-board generators to power the air conditioning/heat and other electrical components in their trucks while parked. This not only reduces the amount of excess diesel fuel burned but also releases fewer contaminants into the air. Furthermore, we are purchasing more low-emission vehicles. Suddath future initiatives will include the use of bio-diesel fuel as an alternative to diesel.

CARB (California Air Resources Board) Compliance

Suddath is committed to staying ahead of the operational and financial impacts of CARB (California Air Resources Board) truck and bus regulations, keeping our customers and partners informed and on the road. Learn more about CARB and how Suddath is already complying with the regulations through this infographic.