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Moving people, businesses and products is the core of what we do. We are your one stop solution for residential moving and storage, office moving and workplace solutions, trade show and event management, specialized transportation, logistics, warehousing and global mobility. 

Moving and Storage

Services Moving

Suddath® is an expert when it comes to moving families and businesses. Whether you are moving domestic, international or with the military, we ensure that every customer gets the best moving and storage experience, even on a moment’s notice.

  • Household goods moving
  • Office moving and workplace solutions
  • Full service and portable storage

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Logistics and Transportation

Services Logistics

With many years of experience in global transportation and supply chain management, Suddath provides third party logistics for corporations worldwide.

  • Logistics, warehousing and transportation
  • Trade show and event management
  • Specialized transportation

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Global Mobility

Services Mobility2

Lexicon Relocation LLC, a subsidiary of Suddath, assists companies by coordinating employee relocation assignments and providing relocation benefits to transferees in a timely manner. Our global mobility services include relocation counseling, global assignment compensation, mobility management programs, destination services and household goods move management.

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