Project Profile: German Prosthetics Company

Suddath® Solves Business Relocation Challenges


The Challenge

A German prosthetics company that was founded in 1919 was relocating their US-based corporate headquarters from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Austin, Texas; moving their logistics facility to Louisville, Kentucky; and moving their manufacturing facility to Salt Lake City, Utah. This complex and multifaceted project needed someone with a broad footprint and service offerings to move a variety of office, manufacturing and warehousing equipment, as well as 400 employees to three locations around the country.


Project Goal: relocate an office, warehouse and manufacturing facility from one centralized location to three separate locations across the country.

The Solution

Suddath was able to address all of their concerns and provide consolidated service solutions for each destination location.

Warehouse Relocation to Louisville, Kentucky
• Racking
• Pick and pack process
• Put away products
• Pallets
• Forklifts
• Inventory medical devices
• Packing parts and high-value products

Manufacturing Facility Relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah
• Heavy machinery
• Inventory
• Labs and CNC carvers
• Production equipment
• Specialized rigging team

Employee Office Relocation to Austin, Texas
• Desktop computers
• Files
• Chairs
• High-value artwork

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Kentucky, Minnesota, Texas & Utah

Key Services

  • Warehouse relocation
  • Employee relocation
  • Technology relocation
  • Office moving
  • Medical device inventory and relocation
  • High-value product and art relocation

The Facts

  • 400 employees
  • Warehouse move to Kentucky
  • Manufacturing move to Utah
  • Employee move to Texas
  • Over 50 truck loads