Relocating Medical, Lab and Research Facilities

There is no environment more critical than where patients are treated, diseases are cured and lives are saved. Working in healthcare environments is the truest example of our values, integrity and technical skills. These critical environments contain priceless research, high-value sensitive laboratory and intensive care equipment, patient areas and confidential health records. We understand our role in protecting and supporting the life changing work that happens in the healthcare environments we work in.

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We align with the great work you do

We align ourselves with your mission by gaining a deep understanding of the goals of your healthcare organization. If your number one priority is curing a debilitating disease, we see our services as being mission critical to that cause and we galvanize around your goals and objectives. We are more than a company that moves furniture and equipment, we are a critical partner in your quest to help others. We also recognize that working in a healthcare environment is not for everyone and we make sure to provide you with knowledgeable, mature and compassionate teams.


We work as an extension of your team

We work as an extension of your activation, ES&H, project management, patient transfer and administrative teams. We get involved early in the process to develop your move plan and when it comes time to move, we execute precisely. We know the critical role we play and how our execution impacts others.


We understand the diverse needs of healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations have massive and diverse needs as they support existing locations and bring new locations online. From providing all of the inventory management, consolidation, transportation and last mile services for a new hospital, all the way to providing daily ongoing facility moving needs, we understand the needs of today’s healthcare organizations. We have deep experience providing one-time project support and ongoing program services.


Critical healthcare environment services