Save money without compromising quality by using remanufactured furniture

Remanufactured furniture is like new, but costs a fraction of premium furniture, and can still be customized to your needs and tastes.

When creating a new office furniture design, every business owner wants style, quality and function at a great price. Premium new furniture can be expensive. Bargain furniture can suffer from poor quality, and used furniture presents a gamble on getting the design you need. Remanufactured furniture allows you to create a custom office furniture design, choosing colors and styles just as you would with new furniture.

Office furniture needs assessment

Whatever type of furniture you choose, the most important step in the office furniture sales process is a discussion of your goals and budget. Make it clear to your vendor or partner that you’ve done some homework and understand the highest price furniture option won’t always be the one to meet your needs. Questions asked during this stage include:

  • What is your budget for the furniture and your office move (if you’re moving)?
  • Do you have a design plan?
  • What are the business objectives driving the change?
  • Will you be reconfiguring departments?
  • Do you need to change workspaces, increasing some and decreasing others?
  • Do you know what your furniture options are already?

Exploring options during the office furniture sales process

Make sure your furniture vendor or partner discusses your options, which can include:

  • New furniture
  • Premium furniture lines
  • Value-based furniture lines
  • Rental furniture
  • Newly-purchased remanufactured furniture
  • Remanufacturing your existing furniture

Steps to consider in the process include:

  • Selling your surplus, used furniture
  • Disposing of old furniture pieces inexpensively

How remanufacturing furniture works

Remanufacturing takes the core of a used product and refurbishes it to new or even better-than-new standards. You pick the fabrics, colors and configurations to meet your desired office furniture design, as you would with new furniture, but save as much as 63% on the purchase price. This upscale recycling not only saves money, but is good for the environment, reducing as much as 93% of environmental impact by conserving energy and resources. As an added bonus the work is performed by local experts, supporting American business.

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