Remanufactured furniture is like new. And in some ways it's better.

Remanufactured furniture isn’t used: it has been rebuilt from existing materials. Configure it to your needs and tastes like new furniture but with less cost and environmental impact.

Before buying new furniture for your office, consider the option of remanufactured furniture. Remanufactured furniture is similar to "like new," and can be configured to your needs and tastes. While cost is the most obvious reason to consider remanufactured furniture, it brings with it additional benefits that many organizations might not be aware of.

Why choose remanufactured furniture?

Remanufactured furniture is rebuilt and refinished with fresh materials. As opposed to new furniture, remanufactured furniture offers benefits like:

  • An average 63% reduction of cost over that of new furniture
  • At least 90% reduction in environmental impact by using existing materials

As opposed to used office furniture, the remanufactured option lets you design to meet your needs, vs. picking only from existing stock.

How is office furniture remanufactured?

Some of the elements in the typical, 8-step process include:

A. Overall needs assessment

Creating a plan for how you will use remanufactured furniture is part of a needs assessment step where you consider your overall goals, your design plan, your budget for both furniture and the move (if applicable), and whether or not you will be reconfiguring departments and workspaces.  

B. Furniture assessment and selection

As part of the needs assessment you'll consider all your options, from purchasing premium furniture, using value-based furniture, buying used office furniture, renting furniture or using remanufactured furniture.

If you choose the remanufactured option, you'll pick the fabrics, colors, paint, finishes, hardware and configurations you want—exactly as if you were picking out new furniture.

C. Disassembly

Used office furniture is broken down into component form. In the case of a cubicle, for example, the trim, rails and other hardware are removed for individual replacement or refinishing.  

Business owners do not need to go without furniture during the disassembly and remanufacturing process. The raw materials for remanufactured furniture come from existing used office furniture in the providerǯs warehouse.

D. Remanufacturing

Again using the example of a cubicle, panels can be cut if required for height, frames are reupholstered with new fabric, surfaces are sanded,and all materials and functional components are tested for quality. Finishes and coating are applied and hardware is reattached.  

The big picture

When it comes to outfitting a new office or expanding an existing one, location, amenities and parking can dominate the discussion. It's important to remember the importance of the furniture plan, which if not handled properly can result in lost time and productivity and inconvenience to employees. When you are thinking about furniture, it's important to do so at the needs assessment stage, which is also the right time to consider the many benefits remanufactured furniture can provide.  

Feel free to contact us if you’re evaluating your furniture options and would like more information about remanufactured furniture and office moving. Your consultation is free.